Where Job Candidates Most Research You

There are so many different solutions for “employer branding” out there. You can invest in review sites, social media, employee testimonials …it’s really hard to figure out what is and isn’t “employer branding.” Furthermore, it’s hard to understand how these various efforts will help overall talent acquisition efforts.

The simplest way to think about these options is between what drives awareness about your company, and what actually influences people to apply once they are made aware. The TalentBoard came out with its annual CandE data recently and showed the No. 1 place that candidates will research you, and thus the foundation of your employer branding efforts.

Check out this video for more.

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Phil Strazzulla is the CEO of NextWave Hire, a recruitment marketing software company.  NextWave Hire powers talent communities, enhances your career site, creates employer branding content, and spreads the word on social about your talent brand. He was an early stage investor at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School where he founded NextWave Hire.