When You Need a Few Good Men and Women: Recruiting Former Members of the Military

There are many benefits to recruiting military veterans. Because members of the armed forces tend to be well-trained individuals with a wide variety of transferable skills, they can bring much needed expertise to the workplace. Military veterans also tend to be reliable and task-oriented. In addition, they have a great deal of experience working as members of a team. Furthermore, because most have experienced mobility while in the military, you may find these candidates more flexible when it comes to positions that require relocation. It’s Your Destiny The Destiny Group works with companies to reach out to transitioning military personnel. Offering a number of features for employers, The Destiny System includes a searchable database of candidates with military experience and access to resumes and service records. There is also a job posting service and options that allow for online interviewing. Military veterans utilizing the services of The Destiny Group can access job postings by profession, geographic location or alphabetically by company name. In addition to its online services, The Destiny Group hosts recruitment events throughout the country where former military men and women can meet with company representatives “live.” A calendar of events posted at the site can be viewed by selecting “Meet the Companies” under the “Applicants” heading. Resume posting services are free to applicants and include the opportunity to include photos and “sound bytes.” Applicants can also opt to release their service records. A set of online interview questions is another option. The Destiny Group’s services are focused exclusively on military veterans and connecting these applicants with corporations. Recent job postings included positions at American Express, Cisco Systems and Prudential Securities, among other companies. In addition to providing employment connections for former members of the military, The Destiny Group Web site works with applicants to facilitate the employment process. As such, the site offers “Transition Advice,” “Interview Advice” and a listing of links that can assist with transition and career issues. Matching Vets with Jobs VetJobs.com is an employment site focused on meeting the job needs of former members of the military. Created by military veterans, VetJobs.com is a site for anyone who has served in the U.S. armed forces. While the main focus of the site is a job board, VetJobs.com also features two monthly newsletters, one for veterans and one for employers, which are available at the site or via email. Veterans have the option of posting their resumes at the VetJobs.com job board and/or searching for jobs in various industries and locations. While most jobs are based in the United States, a recent search returned several international opportunities as well. The “Search Jobs” section includes date posted, industry and location filters. There is also a keyword search box. There is no charge to veterans using the site. Employers can choose from five membership packages ranging from one that allows for a single job posting to one that includes full resume access and an unlimited number of users and postings. Custom pricing is available for large corporations. Standard pricing can be reviewed by selecting “Become a Member” under the “Employer” heading at the VetJobs.com homepage. Going Gray? Competitive Edge offers employers the opportunity to advertise in its Corporate Gray Series and features online links to the sites of sponsoring companies at Corporate Gray Online. Focused on transitioning military personnel, the Corporate Gray Series of books includes three publications: “From Army Green to Corporate Gray, A Career Transition Guide for Army Personnel”; “From Navy Blue to Corporate Gray, A Career Transition Guide for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel” and “From Air Force Blue to Corporate Gray, A Career Transition Guide for Air Force Personnel.” In total, the three publications will reach an estimated 250,000 people this year. Advertising information can be obtained at the Competitive Edge Web site. Under the umbrella of Corporate Gray, Competitive Edge also hosts a number of job fairs at various locations around the country. Although these job fairs are focused on former military personnel and their spouses, civilians are also eligible to attend. Information about upcoming events, including rates pertaining to participation, can be obtained by selecting “Corporate Gray Military Job Fairs” at the Competitive Edge homepage. The Edge Whether you choose to participate in onsite job fairs or do your recruiting online, reaching out to transitioning members of the military and veterans of the U.S. armed services is a strategy worth implementing. Doing so can help you win the battle for qualified employees. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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