What’s New: Talent Sprocket; HiringSolved

“There are hundreds of recruiting solutions available today,” Talent Sprocket says in its marketing materials.

Amen to that, but I have a couple you may not have heard of. Read on.

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  • Talent Sprocket is indeed the first. The company has created a sourcing-through-selection system and is currently working on integrating its technology into two different job boards. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, it has five employees and is privately funded through a few friends and family. It’s hoping to have some news about customers it has signed up early in 2013.
  • HiringSolved started out as an applicant tracking system but really became more of a sourcing tool, with the company saying it is “constantly watching the social networks, blogs, and forums, sniffing out clues to find both active and passive candidates wherever they are.” Its roots come from the Arizona tech community called Gangplank. Customers right now are mainly startups and staffing firms. HiringSolved has five employees, and is self-funded but thinking about raising money. The founder, Shon Burton, tells me that Twitter, Salesforce, and Yahoo are trying the system out to help HiringSolved refine the product. “Our killer app,” he says, “is our speed, our data — over 40 million profiles today and growing at over 20 per second — and some secret-sauce tech that lets the user input a resume and instantly finds more like it.”