What I’ve Noticed in the Recruiting Startups

Well, there was quite a response to that request for startups to give a short demo at the ERE event in San Diego.

Dozens contacted me, and I’m still taking a look at them. But, in the meantime, I’m finding that many new companies could be categorized this way:

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  • Startups finding new ways to match people with companies, based on candidates’ interests, skills, motivations, and more, and a company’s culture.
  • Startups looking to better translate skills from the military to civilian life.
  • Bots … and more bots. Lots of bots.
  • College recruiting tools, to both automate/simplify the college recruiting process, and make it smarter in the sense of less reliance on interviews and career-center/career-fair visits.
  • Ways to improve job interviews.
  • Predictive tools to measure who might be willing to leave their jobs soon if they got an offer.
  • Combinations of recruitment agencies with technologies; in other words, new agencies which say their matching technology gives them an edge over other headhunting firms.

Stay tuned for more as I winnow down the list to see who’ll give demos in my session at the ERE conference.