What Happens When Recruiters Stop Being Polite…and Start Getting Real?

Everybody lies. That includes talent acquisition professionals. The thing about lies, though, is that when they are repeated often enough, they start to feel like truths. But they are still lies.

Keirsten Greggs is not going to lie to you. She is not going to be that TA professional that puts a positive spin on issues that plague the field. By the same token, nor will she needlessly join the chorus of those who make a sport of bashing recruiters.

Instead, Keirsten will draw on over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and stories to keep it real with you as ERE’s newest columnist. Her column, “Recruiter Realness,” will be just that — an effort to reject facades and reveal deep truths about recruiting. 

A TA consultant and career coach, Keirsten founded her own company, TRAP Recruiter, to bring trust, relationship-building, accountability, and a proactive approach (hence, the acronym) back into the recruiting lifecycle. (Quick plug: Keirsten will also be appearing at ERE Digital 2.0 Oct. 27 – 28. She and fellow ERE strategy columnist Mary Faulkner will be debating the question: “Can recruiting fix your company’s culture?” Register to see Keirsten, Mary, and other great speakers here.)

Check out the video below to get to know Keirsten. She and I talk about a range of topics, including: 

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  • The percentage of recruiters who are failing to humanize recruiting
  • Whether the bigger problem is complacent recruiters or those who want to be better but aren’t sure how
  • If some recruiters would be better off finding different roles in TA
  • How Keirsten’s race has impacted her experience as a recruiter
  • Why every recruiter should be a “diversity recruiter”
  • The importance of Zoom filters to improve your appearance
  • My mullet and more!

Keirsten’s articles will soon start appearing on ERE.net, and I hope you’ll take the time not only to read them but also to weigh in with your own thoughts. In the meantime, watch the video below to find out what happens when recruiters stop being polite…and start getting real. (I hope more than three readers caught that reference.)

Vadim Liberman is editor of ERE.net and TLNT (the devil wears TJ Maxx) — a workplace renegade advancing how we think, work, and live. He has previously worked as a strategy consultant to HR and recruiting tech companies at The Starr Conspiracy, as a talent management professional at Prudential, and as senior editor of The Conference Board Review, a magazine for business leaders. Vadim loves to talk about all things HR, talent acquisition, and Bravo TV shows. Bring it!

Keirsten Greggs is a talent acquisition consultant and career coach. In 2017 she founded TRAP Recruiter, LLC, to bring trust, relationship-building, accountability, and a proactive approach back into the recruiting lifecycle. She engages with a broader audience via her blog, as a guest speaker, as a guest on various podcasts, facilitating workshops and training, and as creator of the #RecruiterProblems meme series.