What 1 Company Is Doing About Manufacturing’s Skills Shortage

Manufacturing is not the object of the media’s affection like the technology field is, but it has a skills shortage of its own.

In the eight-minute video below, I talk about that shortage with Ken Stuckey, who leads talent acquisition and development for Pace Industries, which has 21 North American manufacturing locations.

We discuss:

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What’s Really Going on with the Employment Skills Gap?

While many contest the notion that we are facing an employment skills gap, some experts point to it as a major challenge within multiple industries. The solutions outlined in this report sort out this issue regardless of the cause.
  • Why there’s a skills shortage
  • What’s being done about it
  • The metric Pace is using to measure results and what’s working
  • Why the company moved away from relocations
  • What’ll happen if the U.S. in-sources more manufacturing jobs