We’re Back for Day 2 at ERE San Diego

Monday was a great start to the networking and building relationships with peers and mentors. Morning yoga has us all limbered up and ready for the day today, still memorized by that epic opening of Janice Bryant Howroyd, sharing her journey, valuable insight, and reminding all of us to always put the candidate first and foremost along with putting our fears behind us. Then we had Gretchen Carlson sharing some great insight and a vision of change that starts with each of us when we are choosing those candidates to interview for our companies. Both received complete audience standing ovations after their discussion (one pictured above).

There were so many great lessons and tips being shared that it is hard to pick just a few to share in a timely manner. One of Brent’s favorite quick-win (and data-backed) takeaways was when Dr. John Sullivan pointed out that the time people are most likely to be open to changing jobs is immediately after a work anniversary. Whether they didn’t get that raise they wanted or that promotion, or their friends bombard them with comments about “still” working at that place in the same position, they become more open to opportunity then other times in the year.

Today on April 4, we are really looking forward to hearing:

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Walking around the exhibit floor yesterday, we couldn’t help but be struck by how much this field has changed. Shows used to be dominated by job boards and systems to keep track of resumes. Now, that has given way to such things as virtual reality, the “Uber of recruiting,” neuroscience, and the industry’s most-used two letters: AI.

Among the biggest delegations here is from Whole Foods, currently a pretty decentralized talent organization. Some positions in some locales are harder to fill than others, like a meat cutter, for instance. Others here: a craft-beer alliance; NASA; Bloomingdale’s, lululemon, and Macy’s; Hallmark; the Defense Department; a Bank of Korea economist; and a company Todd helps keep in business, Peet’s.

Brent is the Sr. Marketing Director for ERE Media. He joined the company in June of 2016 and brings 18 years of expertise in technology and data-driven marketing to the recruiting industry.