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Impact Recruiting: Maximizing ROI with Unified Strategies & Effective Resource Allocation

Unlock the secrets of streamlined talent acquisition and discover how to optimize your recruiting processes for maximum impact.

Mar 14, 2024
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Jennifer Terry-Tharp
Jennifer Terry-Tharp

As recruiting workflows become more complex, the ability to streamline talent acquisition processes has become increasingly important.

Many recruiting leaders are seeking the perfect set of processes, coupled with the right TA suite, that will enable their teams to get the job done without compromising speed, accuracy, or candidate experience.

Join us for a free webinar as we outline methods recruiting teams can leverage in order to make a greater impact. In a time when TA teams are smaller and every second counts, you owe it to yourself to attend this session.

Key areas of discussion will include:

  • ROI Metrics: Explore key performance indicators beyond traditional metrics and how measurable recruitment efforts directly impact your company’s bottom line.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation: Learn about optimizing resource allocation to maximize impact and how to achieve more with fewer resources and smaller teams.
  • Effective Employer Branding: Gain strategies for building and maintaining a strong employer brand without wasting money, time, or resources.
  • Remarkable Candidate Experience: Get a greater understanding of how your team can deliver better candidate journeys without overburdening the people involved.
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About the speakers
Jennifer Terry-Tharp

Jennifer Terry-Tharp

Chief Strategy Officer


Jenn Terry-Tharp brings over 20 years of experience in spearheading employment branding, recruitment marketing, and employment technology strategies. Leveraging progressive media campaigns, mobile integration, social media, diversity programs, and technology, she elevated AT&T's brand as a premier technology employer. Now, she applies her expertise to assist companies in enhancing talent attraction and acquisition strategies, prioritizing experience, technology utilization, and process optimization to boost quality and profitability.