We Could Fix Recruiting If Only We Would…

Meet Courtney Connor and Julia “Wonder Woman” Alder. Courtney is a talent business partner at Sequoia Consulting Group, and Julia is lead sourcer at Wayne Technologies. I recently spoke with both of these talent acquisition superstars about their views on leadership from an individual-contributor perspective, the importance of keeping up with ever-evolving technologies, and their favorite TA technology right now.

Additionally, Courtney and Julia shared their insights into why younger generations are disrupting the status quo of leadership and following new, alternative avenues of success. Plus, you’ll definitely want to hear how each finished this sentence: “We could fix recruiting if only we would ____.”

Additionally, Courtney and Julia talk about:

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  • Creating healthy communication loops across the team
  • Providing options for growth with team members with diverse goals
  • Different ways to create a transparent culture
  • De-stigmatizing mental health in the workplace
  • Focusing on collaboration and shared success rather than competition within a team

Check out my conversation with Courtney and Julia by clicking on the embedded conversation below. (And find more interviews with talent leaders here.)

Erin McDermott Peterson is a Partner and Global Talent Acquisition Consultant with PeopleResults. She previously led talent acquisition and RPO for some of the most successful organizations in the world including Accenture, Aon Hewitt, and Amazon. She translates her unique global experience to help her clients with their TA Strategy, employment branding, candidate experience, talent technologies, onboarding, and recruitment process outsourcing decisions.

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