Video Resumes: Future of First Impressions? launched Tuesday, and its founders seem to think the concept will help job seekers show their “personality and professionalism” through the hotly debated topic of video resumes.

The company says the one- to two-minute video resume introductions let candidates “stand out from the crowd and find the perfect job,” before the investment in a live interview, shortening the hiring process. The new site also features employer video profiles that enable companies to showcase their corporate philosophy and culture.

The company provides scripted questions for do-it-yourself Steven Spielberg wannabes, but for those who aren’t as handy with the camera, the company will produce the video for candidates willing to trek to its office in Newport Beach, California.

That video introduction then accompanies the paper resume on the job board. After a free trial period for job seekers through 2008, candidates will have to pony up $14.95 per month to keep their resumes and video introductions active on its site. Employers can list their available jobs on the site for $299 per month.

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CEO Theo Rokos defends his innovative job board, explaining that these are serious job candidates who will “go to the trouble of putting their best foot forward in a video introduction.”

Apparently, Rokos has never heard of Aleksey Vayner?

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