Toolbox Goodies #2

This week we present a few more tools to use, as well as some tactics to consider as part of your recruitment strategy. Tools To Use:

Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Co. finds people who used to live in Maine and want to return. A list of discussion groups by country and state is at Attend a trade show, even if it’s not for recruiters. Find lists of what and where at TSCentral. Have you tapped into all the organizations and associations you can? Check out a pretty decent listing of some less well-known ones at Tom’s Recruitment Directory. Do you know where the layoffs are? Check out ABC News Search and simply type in the word layoffs. Need an accountant in Massachusetts or New Mexico? Or an IT person in Kansas or Nevada. Try USA Online for a listing of businesses by category and state. There’s a certain amount of superfluous information here, but there are some real companies with real people and contacts. Tactics To Consider

Cisco learned early on that the passive candidates didn’t hang out at the job boards. So, they went to art fairs and microbrewery festivals. They created a friends program and advertised at a local movie theater as well as on their Web site. Prudential has a global volunteer day. To many younger employees, this is a selling point and Prudential uses it to their advantage. During job fairs, Prudential brings in employees who, in assembly line fashion, often fill backpacks with personal care items for kids involved in foster care. They’ve noticed a 200% increase in attendance at the fairs because of this. A Gallup Poll last year found that employees under 32 years old were more likely to stay with companies that invested heavily in training. Think about a 1:1 payback system. Pay for education in return for employment. For each year of education you pay for, the candidate owes you a year of service.

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