To Produce Consistently, Be Consistent In Meeting Your Daily Goals

Dear Barbara:

During the first quarter of this year my production was extremely inconsistent. I actually blanked one month. It takes anywhere from six to eight weeks for me to place a scientist. How can I become more consistent when the hiring process takes so long?

Keith M. Austin, TX

 Know Your Sendouts Ratio

Dear Keith:

Ask BarbThe length of your hiring process should not prevent you from consistent production. It’s important that you know your individual stats. The most important number to monitor is your sendout to placement ratio. How many candidates do you send on a first interview before someone is actually hired? The key to consistent production is attaining the daily results you need in order to ensure you hit or surpass the goals you set.

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When you are having a good month, most of your time is spent presenting on existing job orders, checking references, prepping, debriefing, and closing. As a result there is little or no time spent on the basics, which include recruiting and marketing. This can result in inconsistent production. If you know your individual stats, and commit to attaining daily results (with no exceptions), you will become a consistent producer.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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