This Roundup of Recruiting-Technology News Has Some Serious Upside

  • Remember Tasty Hire? It’s officially launching in the New York City area now, focusing on sales, customer service, and receptionist/administrative jobs .
  • I haven’t caught you up with eHarmony in a while. (After many years of rumors and some delays, it launched to much fanfair earlier this year.) eHarmony has a new CEO, Grant Langston, who reassured employees at his first big company meeting that he’s committed to the employment product. Sales of the “Hiring Company” product have risen sharply over the last 60 days. And AT&T is looking at using the eHarmony product by embedding it in job ads, so candidates can see if they’d fit in. eHarmony will be working on integrating with applicant tracking systems, and partnering with agencies like branding firms, so companies can analyze their culture and market that culture.
  • With the new site Upsider, salespeople put together what Drew Koloski and Josh McBride consider the “back of the baseball card.” They enter in information like the percentage of their sales leads they have to generate; how long their sales cycle is; and the size of their deals. Then, they are matched with employers who’ve entered in similar information, and are sent opportunities that’ll represent more pay and opportunity for the employee. The idea is that if two salespeople each make $150,000, you often can’t tell how they’re different, but with this site you can figure out, for example, that half of one person’s 150 grand fell in their lap, while the other person used more of their sales skills. More here in the FAQs.