This Minute-and-a-Half Video From a Recruiting Tech Vendor Does Not Look Like All the Others

You’ve gone to the websites of various companies selling recruiting and HR technology tools, and watched the videos about “how it works” and “about us” and “our story,” and they go something like this:

Hiring is broken. Companies spend millions on people they don’t hire, or on hiring the wrong people. Finally, now, a solution that matches the right people with the right jobs. A proven, validated solution with robust blah blah blah ….

You got the point. Knack, which uses gamification to identify people’s potential for jobs, broke the trend with its new video.

Guy Halfteck, the company’s CEO, says a few folks at Knack came up with the idea for the movie. “We wanted to show that hope and opportunity are within reach of more people more than any other time before,” he says. “We want to shift mindsets, to make the market realize great talent is everywhere and that talent is more valuable than formal credentials and experience: the new world of talent is about what a person can do in the future, not what the person did in the past.”

In mid March he reached out to Jason Baffa, a Hollywood filmmaker he met two years ago, to see what he thought. Baffa was doing some shooting in a poor area of Brazil, and Halfteck was intrigued by his work. 

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“In fact,” Halfteck says, “we featured one of his shots on our homepage, showing Carlos, a young guy in Brazil’s poorest favelas (slums).”

Baffa and Halfteck decided to work together on the movie. Baffa hired two producers (Devon Howard and Jodie Nelson), a cinematographer (Chris Baffa), actors and actresses, voice talent, a sound designer, a visual effects designer, and an editor (Ian Douglass). 

Halfteck discovered what he calls “a young, super talented musician/singer,” Phoebe Katis, who lives and works in London. She composed and sang the original soundtrack. Panavision (out of Los Angeles), gave cameras and equipment, led by COO Mark Howorth. I’ve embedded the video below.