These Interesting Companies You May Not Have Heard of Have Won a Tech-diversity Contest

Check out these winners of an Oakland event for early-stage companies “working to mitigate bias in workplace hiring, recruitment, and retention practices.” 

Kapor Capital, which invests in talent technologies, and Radicle Impact Partners sponsored the event.

Honorees (who combined get $100,000):

  • First-place winner Tiltas connects inmates with job opportunities after they’re out.
  • Second-place Startup Box handles the quality assurance testing of games and other software, out of the South Bronx.
  • InReturn Strategies, in third, is a platform allowing businesses to connect with people with disabilities.

Other participants:

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  • Baloonr is aimed at removing bias from the decision-making at the office.
  • BeVisible is a career platform for Latinx professionals (LatinX, by the way, is a word explained here).
  • Cathy Labs helps startup founders figure out pay.
  • HYR, for connecting retail/restaurant/hotel employers with “skilled independent labor to fill hourly paid shift work, on demand.”
  • Mentor Room is a mentoring platform, particularly for those with low-incomes and minorities.
  • Oweyaa helps companies hire veterans and spouses.
  • Skillsmart, aimed at matching people based on skills, not degrees.

Last year’s winners: Painless1099Atipica (recruitment data/analytics), and Blendoor.