The Virtual Job Fair

Remember the last job fair you attended? The boxes of stuff you lugged along? The people that just passed you by? Was it worth it? Of course, if you got even one candidate out of it, it might have been a good use of your time. But did you wonder if there might be a better way? Imagine meeting with hundreds of interested prospects without leaving your office. It’s possible with a virtual job fair. Consider running an ad in a newspaper, announcing the virtual job fair on your Web site, and maybe even doing a spot or two on the radio. Perhaps plan it for a weekend, when more people tend to be free. During the fair hours, get some recruiters to answer the phones. The idea? Screen the callers and pass them on to hiring managers who are also available at that time. Or, offer an hour or two each week, where you can be on-line and interact with prospective candidates. Advertise this time on your Web site. Maybe even post it to relevant newsgroups. The idea? Bring prospective candidates in to ask you questions about interviewing techniques and processes, the best way to write resumes, etc. The Internet is a communication tool – not just another way to create another brochure that no one reads. Use it to your advantage. Interact with visitors in real time. Besides participating in or hosting your own virtual job fair, think about the love affair we have with chat. While discussions about personal matters may predominate, there are chat “events” that can help with your recruiting needs. There are often career and business related events that just might hook you up with the people you need. Check out Yahoo Net Events or Snap Online Events. At the worst, you’ll be getting your name out there.

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