The Use of Domain Names

When companies first started registering their domain names, most chose the company name itself. For instance, IBM is at, Cisco is at and so on. Of course, this type of domain name makes it easy to find the company’s public site – the one the company wants you to visit. But large companies often have more than one Web site. And, on some of those sites reside directories, white papers, association lists and all sorts of things with names of people waiting to be found. One of those people could be your candidate. This week, we’ll look at how to find a company’s other domain names. Then, in the next couple of weeks we’ll look at:

  • finding particular files in those particular Web sites
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  • using incoming links to the domain

You can look up domain names at several sites. Websitez – A great lookup for domains because you can search by company name in addition to Web site name. Internet.Org – Lets you to search for domains by company name, Web site name and industry. The industry search is particularly helpful for finding potential competitors and partners. Whois.Net – An easy to use search tool – but you can only search by what’s in the domain name itself.

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