The National Security Agency Wants to Increase Its Use of Data … in Hiring

nsa_signIn the U.S. the National Security Agency is trying to improve its hiring and retention as the workforce ages, recruiting becomes more complex, and senior leaders want to look instantaneously at dashboards showing what’s up with their workforce.

That’s what Kathy Hutson, director of human resources, and Nick Vasilopoulos, chief of personnel assessment research and development, talk about in a new radio interview.

The Federal News Radio segment includes the two NSA professionals talking about:

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  • a new version of PeopleSoft
  • hiring for innovation and growth
  • how rising college costs and aging parents mean people working longer to keep the paychecks coming
  • “reinventing the 30-year career” (keeping employees a long time, but offering them a variety of experiences)
  • reducing its resume overload through assessments
  • using data like “Google, Facebook, and others” do to make decisions on attrition, retention, and healthcare programs
  • a high-touch approach to STEM applicants (“social media has become our friend,” Hutson says)

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