Talent Pipelines, Explained

There seems to be a lot of talk about talent pipelines, or CRM, or talent communities, or whatever you want to call it. There’s good reason for that: the few companies that are starting to effectively pipeline talent don’t have to rely on just-in-time recruiting practices, and can capture the information from more passive candidates who just need a bit of encouragement before making the jump.

If you’re looking for a 101 primer on talent pipelines and why they’re valuable, check out this overview.

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Phil Strazzulla is the Founder of SelectSoftware, a website that offers HR professionals free advice so they can buy the right business software. He got into the HR space when he started NextWave Hire, a recruitment-marketing software company.  He started his career as an early stage investor at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School where he taught himself to code and started his journey as an entrepreneur.