Take 10 to Take Our Talent Acquisition Survey

Did you know the average cost of hire is $4,200? That 45 percent of a recruiter’s time is spent filling jobs due to attrition? That last year it was averaging 50 days to fill a job, any job? And that about a quarter of recruiters say it takes them more than two months to fill?

If recruiters like you hadn’t taken 10 minutes to complete ERE Media’s 2015 State of Talent Acquisition survey, you wouldn’t know that. Not from us and not for free. Nor would we be able to show you howTake the survey recruiting workloads break down (average is 100 hires annually per recruiter), or any of the dozens of other data points so critical to understanding how you, your team, and the TA group as a whole compare to others.

Now we need another 10 minutes of your time to take our 2016 Talent Acquisition survey. This year’s survey is especially important because it will give us three years of data to examine so we can let you know what’s trending in talent acquisition.

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We’ll release the results at the upcoming ERE Recruiting Conference in Las Vegas (April 6-8), which, appropriately enough, will focus on how data can improve your talent acquisition program. Everyone who completes the survey can also have us email you the key summary results. And we’ll be reporting the results here on ERE.

John Zappe

John Zappe is contributing editor of ERE.net, and the former editor of the now closed Fordyce Letter. John was a newspaper reporter and editor until his geek gene lead him to launch his first website in 1994. He developed and managed online newspaper employment sites and sold advertising services to recruiters and employers. 

Besides writing for ERE, John consults with staffing firms and employment agencies, providing content and managing their social media programs. He also works with organizations and businesses to assist with audience development and marketing. In his spare time  he can be found hiking in the California mountains or competing in canine agility and obedience competitions.

You can contact him by clicking here.