Social Recruiting Summit Videos

In case you missed the Summit people are talking about up at Google last week, or just want to go back and take another look, here are some videos and recordings Brendan (poor guy had to stand all day) took. We don’t have all of the videos. Also, since this was live, streaming, video, it’s not going to be the picture quality of regular filming.

We’ve got the Fall conference in Florida well stocked with social recruiting sessions, if you missed the event we just had. Marvin Smith of Microsoft will be presenting; there’ll be a couple of legal-related sessions about recruiting using Facebook and other sites; Knowledge Infusion is talking about putting together a social-media strategy; and we’ll be adding another social media session in the coming days. Shoot me an email if there’s specific information on the topic you’d like. In the meantime, a few of the videos are below.

A Conversation with LinkedIn Co-Founder & CEO Reid Hoffman

Ubiquity & Authenticity in Social Media with Laurie Ruettimann (Audio Only)

Awesomest Job Search Ever! with Sacha Chua

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LinkedIn Networking with Shally Steckerl

Online Employer Reputation & Social Recruiting with Shannon Seery Gude

Social Recruiting Summit Wrap-up