Social Media Recruiting, Onboarding, and Other New Recruiting and HR Launches

Here’s a quick look at some startups and other new launches in recruiting, human resources, and sourcing.

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  • JobVidi is a “social network for jobs.” It’s explained here, and allows people to log in using their LinkedIn profiles. JobVidi’s James Brookner says via email that “70% of recruiters are using their LinkedIn status to promote job updates — JobVidi is the first platform to enable recruiters to post directly from their LinkedIn status onto another platform. We also have a candidate value tool which can be used to engage passive job seekers. So candidates who are just seeking to find out their value and marketability in a certain market can submit requests for advice and career management to recruiters specializing in a certain sector.” Based in London, JobVidi has £100,000 of angel investment from Nabila Sadiq, who used to head temporary recruitment at the recruiting agency Joslin Rowe.
  • Speaking of social networks: a new site called Goalee, explained here, pulls in data from LinkedIn and Facebook to make it easier to find social media connections. So those looking for, say, a design job in Miami can know who they might want to connect with.
  • Onboarding meets gaming (see graphic) with the Giver launch. Its Israeli founder also started a rehab organization helping 1,700 mentally ill people get jobs. It’s raising money and has five employees.
  • Rerisa is a new way to find experts, which, naturally, means the coveted passive job candidates.

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