Sneak Peek at Shally’s Fordyce Forum Workshop

At the upcoming Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas next month, I will be presenting a half-day pre-conference workshop on the topic of “How to Effortlessly Increase Your Billings and Reduce Cost with the Top 20 Fast, Free, and Easy Super-Sourcing Secrets.”

If you plan on attending the Fordyce Forum, this is a session you just should not miss. Yes, I’ll be revealing to you my top 20 research secrets, but that’s not the only treat you get.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we turned candidate sourcing techniques into client prospecting practices? Today’s best, no-cost online methods to quickly find candidates are easily applicable for use in finding growing companies and hiring decision-makers with open reqs.

I’m talking about stuff you can do from any computer, and mostly for free. These are not your typical common knowledge techniques. What we did is reverse engineered everything we know about finding those elusive passive candidates, adjusting our sights to look for only folks who are hiring managers. We’re calling it “Client Prospect Sourcing” and it really works.

Sound too good to be true?

I am one of the leading practitioners of sourcing methods to find hard-to-find talent. In fact, I’ve pioneered many techniques copied by others since the 1990s. (Go ahead, Google me.) I’ve worked a full desk as a top producer and subsequently ran elite sourcing/staffing teams at companies with household brand names. I’ve taught recruiters from hundreds of search firms how to research more efficiently and in new ways that quickly open targeted pipelines they didn’t realize existed.

When the economy slowed several months ago, those search firms asked me if we could apply our groundbreaking but elegantly simple methodologies to sourcing client prospects. We applied the same R&D process to develop this training that have made us popular speakers at conferences like The Fordyce Forum.

We talked with staffing firms of various types and sizes from solo headhunters on up. We tested every method. And then we piloted it in February and March.

Did you know you could take advantage of search engine newsfeeds and public databases to find growing companies by niche, size, location, and industry? In fact, those sources get you insider details including relevant job titles, key names at lower levels in the org, internal promotions/moves, etc.

You can also use a simple desktop tool to find local office phone numbers not listed on company websites!

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Social Networking

Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter grow your network in the right nich(es) and make your online time more productive by getting you and your message in front of your prospects in their native environment.

For example, we will go over how to increase your viewable network on LinkedIn by millions in minutes with a few simple Excel spreadsheets that I will provide. But even better than that, you can also create groups and take advantage of already existing groups where you can promote all that expertise you have in your area of practice.

You already know how to find profiles beyond your 3-degree network, with only a free basic account, using the Google hacks that I popularized, but did you know there are now several other ways to get at even more of this data for free?

For example, there’s a website called where you can search across many of the popular social networking communities, without even having to have an account of each of them!

Final Thoughts

I’ll leave you with this one last thought — there are lists of association members and conference attendees aplenty throughout the web; you just need to know how to find them.

It used to be a simple matter of using the filetype: command, but that doesn’t work as much anymore now that webmasters have caught on to how easily Google finds files not intended for sharing. Now we just need to be a bit more creative and use the right keywords to find different kinds of lists, or even blog posts, revealing peoples’ affiliations with a particular conference, group, or consortium.

So, I’ll see you in Vegas, where we’ll have a great time learning how to increase your billings!

Shally is a globally recognized leader in Sourcing, Recruitment Research and Recruitment Marketing. He is a professional Speaker (NSA Professional member) often requested to speak about sourcing strategy and recruitment marketing. He is the founder of JobMachine, Inc. now EVP of Arbita, Inc. the premier provider of Sourcing Consulting Services and Research Training. Shally has built and/or advised sourcing organizations at over 200 companies like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco and Motorola. He is Instrumental in modeling centralized recruitment organizations and has a reputation as an authority in Internet search, pioneer in recruitment research. Shally is frequently a contributor to top industry forums and often headline at leading conferences.