Searching the Internet: People Tools

Need a high tech exec? Consider the people finder tool at Corporate Information Technology Services at Corp Tech has a database of 45,000 high tech companies and 160,000 high tech executives. Registration is free, but even without registering, you can search their people finder database. The search is easy if you know who you’re looking for. Simply type in lastname AND firstname. But then, if you had the name, you probably wouldn’t need the tool. Without the name, though, the search is a bit more complex. You can’t use keywords, titles, or anything but names. If the search is too broad (e.g., w*), it will return nothing because it limits the results returned to 500. You can tweak it, though, to get some interesting results. For instance, a search for william AND s* brought back 423 names – complete with address, phone, job title, and a brief description of the company. The idea is to enter as common a name-word as you can, add an AND, and follow it with a single letter and asterisk. You could try smith AND p* and get 62 results, richard AND s* for 433 results, or sa* AND ma* for 120. Looking at names as creative puzzles is key.

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