RightHire; jobandtalent; Nokia and Interns; Work4

work4Autumn may bring cooler weather, but the flow of news about recruiting startups and other HR/recruiting tech companies continues to be hot. Some tidbits:

  • A company called RightHire worked with Charles Handler and separately a mathematician named Mark Glickman to develop a new assessment product. It has 25 investors (“including CEOs of companies that have experienced the bad-hire problem,” the company tells me). It has one employee, six contractors in India, one potential customer so far, and is based in Reston, Virginia. RightHire will launch a new website soon with product demos; that’ll be a soft launch, with a bigger public launch later this year.
  • A mobile recruiting company you may not know is jobandtalent. It’s a London startup that pushes vacancies to people on their smart phones.
  • Nokia is launching a new app for interns. With Internship Lens, internships are pulled from internships.com; using Nokia’s “LiveSight” technology, job seekers can hold up their phones and see openings in front of them available locally.
  • Work4 is going to announce a “Social Recruiting Score” on October 1, giving companies a 0-100 score based on their “social reach, mobile presence, and candidate referral opportunities.” It pulls data from around the Internet in about 20 seconds and then gives suggestions on how to improve your recruiting/social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Sound familiar at all? Maximum has something a little similar, with scores done weekly. A screenshot of Work4’s is below.
SRS screenshot work4labs


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