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In the wide world of information and job board specialization there are sites for almost every imaginable field, and human resources is no exception. Whether you’re seeking a payroll manager, a benefits administrator, a recruiter or another type of HR professional there are online locations that can help you locate candidates. Go to the Mall HRIM Mall is designed to be a “one-stop service” for human resource information. Two categories at HRIM Mall that can help connect you with HR professionals are “Job Op” and “Resource Center.” “Job Op” is a free job service. Using an online form, an employer or recruiter can post jobs to the site at no charge. A candidate searching for an HR position can either search by keyword or scroll through an alphabetical list of position titles that include posting dates and location information. There is also a “Find New Jobs Only” button. Clicking on it returns the most recently posted positions. Once a job seeker selects a position, a description containing contact information is returned. Recent postings at HRIM Mall included a wide variety of positions. There were listings for benefits analysts, HR directors, labor relations directors, recruiters and more. The site’s “Resource Center” is a section that can also lead you to candidates. There are lists of and links to “HR Publications,” “Other HR Sites” and “Professional Associations,” which are all places where people can be found. F-R-E-E If free is one of your favorite four-letter words, you’ll appreciate At the site’s “About” section founders Bruce Rusiecki and Cheryl Hopkins state that they were getting frustrated with the number of HR sites that require a lengthy registration process and membership fees. Instead, they “envisioned a no-fee, no commitment site.” And is just that. The site is loaded with tools and information for HR professionals. Here you’ll find free forms, links to pages containing details about important human resource issues and a job board. Choose “Jobs” from the “Jump” drop-down menu to go to the career section of the site. The link under “Jobs Jobs Jobs!” returns the first page from the jobs database. Selecting a position from the list returns a detailed description of the job and contact information. Job seekers can also choose to receive email notification about applicable openings. Posting a position at is not only free, it’s easy. Selecting “Post an HR job to this page,” found at the top of each page of job listings, returns a form that, when completed, generates a posting. What a World The many features of HR World make it a place you’ll want to frequent when searching for HR professionals. Although membership registration is required in order to use the site, there are two free memberships. “Professional Membership” is for HR professionals/practitioners and provides access to basic sections of the site, but it does not allow for job postings. “Corporate Membership,” for HR departments and recruiters, includes postings. In addition to these free memberships, there are two other options that carry annual fees. “Recruitment Services Membership” offers several additional benefits to HR departments and recruiters, including access to the site’s resume database, while “Marketing Services Membership” is for vendors wishing to promote products and services. A job seeker can access job postings at HR World by selecting “HR Career Opportunities.” This returns a page where there are six position categories: “Human Resources Management,” “Compensation and Benefits,” “Recruitment,” “HR Systems,” “Training and Development” and “Entry Level.” A job seeker can then choose a category and scroll through a list of jobs, which includes detailed position descriptions and contact information. Positions are in order of posting date, with the most recent postings appearing first. “HR Forums,” which is the third item on the menu at the homepage, is another resource for candidates. Selecting it leads to a page where you can choose from five different forums: Human Resources Management, Compensation, Benefits and Insurance, Resource Planning and Acquisition, Information Systems and Technology or Training and Career Development. Selecting a forum category leads to a page of discussion threads where you can read messages about various topics. Email contact information is provided for each discussion group member. Candidate?s Exchange When searching for recruiters, don’t overlook the Electronic Recruiting Exchange “Jobs” section. Focused exclusively on the recruitment aspect of HR, ERE’s job board is easily accessible from the site’s homepage. The ER forum, available at the site and in digest form via email, is another resource for contacts. Re-“Mine”-Der Remember to use courtesy when contacting candidates mined from forums and mailing lists. If you’d like to correspond with a discussion group member about a job opportunity, don’t post a message to the forum or list itself. This is an unwritten (and sometimes written) rule of the membership community. Instead, write a carefully and politely crafted email to the individual. Not every passive candidate – not even those friendly HR folks – will be interested in speaking with you. But if you use a tempered approach, it’s likely you’ll make a favorable impression. Even though you may have more in common with HR professionals, the process is basically the same as with other candidates. By using the right resources and your recruitment skills, you’ll be more likely to find human resources to fill those HR positions. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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Paula Santonocito is an e-recruitment strategist and columnist for AIRS, the global leader in Internet recruitment training, tools, news and information. AIRS AIRS AIRS