Recruiting’s Not the Hot Skill It Was (But Here’s What Is)

First the bad news: Recruiting failed to make LinkedIn’s list of the year’s 25 most in-demand skills.

LinkedIn hottest global skills in 2015After making the list of the most in-demand skills globally in 2014, recruiting fell to 26th place last year. Only in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and Germany did recruiting score. Even there, demand for candidates with other skills knocked recruiting down a few spots. Except in Germany, but only because Germany is a first-timer on the list.

Indeed’s Job Trends monitor tells more or less the same story. Zooming up beginning in 2014 in the number of job postings seeking recruiters, the category took a dive last year.  It’s not all bad; somewhat more than 6 percent of the Indeed listings mention recruiter.

Now the rest of the news.

What were the hottest skills last year? IT in all its flavors. Anyone listing Hadoop, Ruby, or Python, or any one of dozens of other tech and data analysis skills, had no trouble finding work.

Only a handful of other types of skills made the global list, and those were almost all involving online marketing. Economics and Business Intelligence made the list, though falling in position from 2014. Corporate law and governance was new on the list at 25th position.

What’s this mean if you’re a recruiter? Even though this is a backward look, it’s a strong indicator of what will be hot in 2016 and where recruiting competition will be keenest.

LinkedIn says the same thing: “This list can be an incredibly valuable cheat sheet to recruiters because it shows you the areas where you need to focus and fight extra hard for talent.”


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