Recruiting Roulette – Round 2

Last week, we brought you our first batch of Recruiting Roulette players from ERE Digital 2.0. This week, we’ve got another round of players from the event — and the videos are just as fun and engaging as before!

As a reminder, Recruiting Roulette is a game we played with unemployed talent acquisition professionals at ERE Digital. We picked questions out of a bag; players gave their spontaneous answers. All with the aim of humanizing some great TA people and getting them hired.

That’s what we’re doing again this week with the rest of the videos from the event. Check out what the below RR players have to say about timely recruiting topics and then reach out to them via their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about them.

Meanwhile, if you are an out-of-work TA professional and want to play Recruiting Roulette (or know someone who’d be interested), please reach out to me at

Now who’s ready for Round 2 of Recruiting Roulette!

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Tiffany Touissant on LinkedIn

Brian Tesch on LinkedIn

Suvasanamayee “Sue” Viswanatha

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