Recruiter Realness: Looking Back on 20 Years of Recruiting

In 2001, Electronic Recruiting Exchange (now ERE) held its first event. A lot has changed since the days of “e-cruiting.” And a lot remains the same, for better and for worse.

At ERE Digital, May 25-27, I’ll be moderating a panel, “If You Could Turn Back Time: Looking Back on 20 Years of Recruiting.” The discussion will include TA leaders who presented at that inaugural event to look back at two decades of recruiting, and to look forward toward the future.

I recently spoke with ERE’s editor, Vadim Liberman, about the upcoming session. We talked about the evolution of candidate experience, recruiter behaviors, and more. Check out my conversation with him below. I also hope you’ll join me at the event! (Get 10% off your ticket price when you register here.)

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Editor’s note: This article is part of a series highlighting speakers at the upcoming ERE Digital event. Click here to view other articles in the series.

Keirsten Greggs is a talent acquisition consultant and career coach. In 2017 she founded TRAP Recruiter, LLC, to bring trust, relationship-building, accountability, and a proactive approach back into the recruiting lifecycle. She engages with a broader audience via her blog, as a guest speaker, as a guest on various podcasts, facilitating workshops and training, and as creator of the #RecruiterProblems meme series.