Read People Better and Uncover the Truth in an Interview

We keep hearing about finding people who “don’t just have the skills, but also fit the culture.”

I found someone who’s actually trying to do that. Ernie Basulto developed an early interest in cultural and human relations, and was inspired by his father to develop the ongoing needs of the workforce. He’s the director of human resources at Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, where he provides leadership in all aspects of HR including hiring practices, establishes company culture, and guides employees to find their purpose at work.

In the podcast here, he talks about:

  • what he looks for in nonverbal communication, reading body language
  • setting people at ease in an interview
  • “over-relaxed”: how comfortable is too comfortable in an interview?
  • looking for someone who can be taught and coached
  • do the shoulders tell all?

See below.

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And for more information, see the discussion with Jeff Baird, “What You Say in an Interview May Be Less Important Than How You Say It.” And, there’s also a session in San Diego coming up at ERE in San Diego  by Baird, too, about “Nonverbal Tips for Attracting Top Talent.” (Of course, you’ll get to see me presenting in San Diego too.)

Rick Girard is founder and CEO of Stride Search Inc, an engaged search firm and the host of the Hire Power radio podcast.

His career has kept him laser-focused on building tech startups in the highly competitive Silicon Valley. He specializes in helping startups WIN key hires.  Value and impact are the two main ingredients brought to every interaction, above and beyond just locating the strongest people. Contrarian in his approach, he has flipped the script on engagement and the hiring process to bring a massive competitive advantage to every interaction.

While not running a school for Gifted Mutants as Professor X, he authored his first book “Career Wounds” (coming mid 2019), competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has an affinity for any adrenaline-pumping activity.