Precise Placements and Candidate Experience

“The candidate’s experience needs to be improved so that more precise placements are made.”

Why is it that most recruiters focus their attention on the need of their clients and give little time to the desires of the candidate?

I know that most recruiters are taught how to take a detailed job order to enable them to match a candidate’s skills to a vacancy, and the better recruiters are competent in understanding the potential career opportunity available. But then, many recruiters lose the plot…they go out of their way to sell the job vacancy to potential candidates with little interest in what the individual is seeking.

Recruiters need to get inside the heads of candidates and match client opportunities to candidate aspirations and stop telling them they should be interested in what you are selling.

Recruiters need to refrain from talking at candidates and taking the attitude that we are doing them a favor merely by introducing a potential interview opportunity. It surprises me after 20 years in the industry that the candidate’s experience still needs to be improved.

Recruiters should be asking candidates about their experiences at work, the style of management they prefer or deliver, what they feel are their best achievements, size and style of company they aspire to work in next. I could go on, but I hope I’ve made my point.

Stop paying lip service to your candidate and start building a deeper understanding. They will become exclusive to you, will work more closely with you, and you will make more placements.

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