Podcast for Talent Leaders: Sue Ceglinski, Director of Talent Acquisition for U.S. Pharmacopeia

Imagine this: you are at a local restaurant having lunch. You strike up a conversation with your very capable server and are so impressed with her attitude and potential, you think “I need this person on my team!” Then you actually recruit her!

That’s exactly how Sue Ceglinski, director of talent acquisition for U.S. Pharmacopeia originally started her career over 20 years ago … she was that server!

She eventually made her mark in that early role as a physician recruiter, then at CSC, SAIC, and Northrup Grumman before joining U.S. Pharmacopeia, where she leads talent acquisition globally today.

USP, based in Rockville, Maryland, develops and disseminates public quality standards for medicines, vitamins, and foods, to keep millions of people safe and healthy globally. An important mission indeed, giving her and her team plenty of interesting STEM and corporate talent challenges.

In my most recent podcast (embedded below or found on iTunes), she gives us her perspective on the very special regulated industries she has hired for and led, as well as some unconventional career advice, including:

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  • The importance (or not) of a job title
  • How taking one step back to go two steps forward can open up a whole new world career-wise
  • Her wish list as she and her team prepare for 2020
  • Advice for aspiring leaders willing to climb the “lattice” rather than the “ladder”
  • How “keeping your knees bent” will help leaders survive any rough economic waters

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Erin McDermott Peterson is a Partner and Global Talent Acquisition Consultant with PeopleResults. She previously led talent acquisition and RPO for some of the most successful organizations in the world including Accenture, Aon Hewitt, and Amazon. She translates her unique global experience to help her clients with their TA Strategy, employment branding, candidate experience, talent technologies, onboarding, and recruitment process outsourcing decisions.

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