Pick A Color, Find a Career

If you’re into brown, blue and green you ought to go be a doctor or a forest ranger. See how easy picking a career is when you know your colors?

Like white? Then interior decorating is for you. (Too easy. Everyone knows white goes with everything.)

How about if your favorite colors happen to be black and red and orange? Maybe you just really like Halloween. Otherwise, you are “The Evaluator,” says a press release from CareerBuilder (profile; site), which just added a color wheel (parked on the old CareerPath.com website) to help jobseekers better assess their personality.

Before we get scolded for making light of a serious assessment tool let us note that the Color Career Counselor has been scientifically vetted with the results published in the North American Journal of Psychology. You can read the paper here, but fair warning: it’s full of the kind of statistical analysis we avoided in college.

The CareerBuilder service is powered by the Dewey Color System, which uses color selection to determine your personality type and traits. These then suggest certain types of careers that others with smilar personalties have found rewarding and successful or which typically attract people like you.

Dewey offers its colors-based assessment to companies as a pre-screening tool, touting the Dewey Employee Predictor as “the world’s first nonlanguage-based test that defines occupational interest, workplace behavior patterns, styles, traits, and temperaments, as well as an additional 16 personality factors.”

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Invented by Dewey Sadka, a veteran recruiter who founded and ran his own employment agency, Temp Force, he’s written several books on the use of color in personality assessment and employment. Sadka’s latest book is on using colors to find love. His clients include Georgia-Pacific, Honeywell and SHRM. And now, CareerBuilder.

Taking the test takes only a few minutes. And we will say this, the analysis was right in more ways than we would have thought. It helps if your monitor is properly calibrated. We couldn’t see much difference between indigo and blue.

Now about that black and orange and red thing. According to the CareerBuilder press release, those who picked those colors seek “the most efficient way to accomplish tasks. Using facts, compiled from past mistakes and successes, you deliver strong opinions with valuable perspectives that maximize the bottom-line.”

And the favorite color for that bottom-line presumably would be black.

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