People Finders – Again

There are lots of sources to tap into when looking for people. If you think you’ve exhausted all your possibilities, try some of these places. General

  • C/NET Forum Search

    You can search a variety of message boards for people with specific interests.

  • Planet Search

    Search for personal pages by keyword.

  • ComFind

    ComFind takes a bit of patience, but that patience can pay off. Here, you search for business by keyword, then limit it to geography. If you want company information that can lead to employee information, this is a good place to start.

  • Mega Web

    A search tool that takes your search term and looks through multiple databases. Enter your search term in the top box. In the second box, scroll down to people finders.

Industry Specific Very often, associations and organizations maintain bulletin boards or member services that allow for finding the professionals you seek. All it takes is a bit of digging.

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Entry-Level Looking for a bright computer scientist, about to graduate? Here you can find a search form pointing to thousands of college email directories Or try, Personal Page Direct. More than 200,000 home pages of college students — not bad at all since in two clicks you can get to students at Northeastern University’s College of Computer Science Recruiting Internationally Try the WhoWhere Finder International phone directories.

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