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Fidelity Slickens Up College Recruiting

Fidelity has upgraded its college recruiting brochure, creating an interactive online version, and has made its online jobs information more friendly to mobile phone users. Allyson Holbrook, Fidelity marketing director, HR MarCom, says that Fidelity is getting about 1,000 monthly views…


Kennedy Information Is Part of Bankruptcy Filing

Kennedy Information, publisher of an executive search directory that was once the bible of the industry, is part of a bankruptcy filing by its parent, BNA Subsidiaries. The company is itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bureau of National Affairs….


Gambling for Hires

Recruitment, at times, can seem a lot like a poker game. The client is the dealer, and every candidate is a player. At prescribed stages in the game, all cards are hidden, and bit by bit, each individual reveals his…


Buyer of Standout Jobs Finally Named

Standout Jobs has been acquired by Talent Technology. The announcement the Montreal company was bought was actually made in May, but the buyer wasn’t named then. Today, Talent Technology issued a press release saying it bought Standout Jobs and TalentSpring,…

Employee Referrals

Hires Per Employee Referral

Gerry Crispin, who with Mark Mehler runs the CareerXroads consultancy, sent over some new stats on employee referrals. CareerXroads surveyed 56 large, well-known employers about their employee referral programs. More data from the study’s coming up in your November Journal…


When Recruiting Gains Influence

The U.S. office of an international research company found itself dealing with too-high turnover. Ultimately, it learned that turnover was a symptom, not a root problem — something that Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest say was identified and addressed because…

Hiring Process

Is Your Hiring Process Hurting Your Employer Brand?

“Your website and application process is the absolute worst I’ve ever encountered. Hopefully your company is not as disorganized as this site makes you appear.” “…I was completely disappointed in the lack of professionalism and consideration. If this is how…

Screening & Assessment

Home-grown Tests: Living Dangerously

I’ve written before about frustrated managers designing their own hiring tests. The story goes like this: one or more line managers become so dissatisfied with the quality of new employees they either decide to develop their own hiring test or…


Developer of TalentSeekr Ad Platform Acquired

Internet advertising and marketing company Neutron Interactive acquired EnticeLabs, the recruitment marketing technology company behind TalentSeekr, a recruitment advertising targeting tool. Based in Salt Lake City, Neutron started out as a recruitment marketing agency, expanding over its five years to…

Wages, Pay, & Salary

Wall Street Split On Bonus Expectations

eFinancialCareers reports that half the bankers and finance professionals it surveyed expect bonuses this year will be the same or less than they got last year. Of course that means that half of Wall Street is expecting a bigger year-end…


Rogue Sourcing

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. — Galileo Galilei The hand came up about halfway down the rows of seated SourceCon attendees after the Sourcing Movie was shown. Here’s the…