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HR Trends

A Wild and Crazy New Model of Employment

Companies today adhere to a decades-old recruitment process originally designed for in-person paper applications — a pre-Internet, one-company-for-life era that has quickly passed us by. The Internet increased our visibility of choice and ease of application, which – coupled with…

Corporate Career Website

Career Site Metrics You Should be Tracking

Marketing teams track everything that happens on their site. These insights allows them to understand what tactics are working, and how to drive more revenues. Similarly, you should track some key metrics on your careers site to better grasp the…


No-Cost People Search Engine Findera Launches

Meet Findera, a people search engine that officially launched in October 2018, offering a free recruiting solution for employers to find talent on a global level. In addition to searching through profiles, employers can post jobs for free as well….

Sexual Discrimination

Fixing Bias in AI

It was reported recently that Amazon shut down an AI-powered recruitment system because it discriminated against women. The system was designed to look at a collection of resumes and pick the best candidates, but most of those it picked were…