“Old School” Recruiters Do Need to Learn New Tricks

Dear Barbara:

I’m an old school recruiting guy who doesn’t use job boards or social networks to find my candidates. I have relationships that I’ve built up over the past 30 years that give me access to finding great talent without all the technology delays.

I still believe in talking on the phone vs. emailing, and I don’t know how to use much of the new technology. My company just switched to a new ATS system again, but I do most of my record keeping on paper. I will produce over $300,000 this year, but my owner is onAsk Barb me about learning how to use our tracking system and wants me to get more involved on media sites. I have no interest in doing any of this and wonder how I should approach my boss to decline his request?

Frank C., Houston, TX

Dear Frank:

I think the solution is somewhere in the middle. You should continue those relationships and keep having telephone conversations with both clients and candidates. You need to learn how to utilize the applicant tracking system in your office, because I’m sure the owner is tracking information that is valuable to the company.

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Most clients and candidates are “checking us out” on LinkedIn to make sure we know what we’re doing. If you are not comfortable creating a LinkedIn profile, ask any teenager and they will have it up in minutes. Your only “lift” is the asking for recommendations from clients and candidates who have utilized your services. With your track record of success, I’m sure this will be an easy task.

Technology is not going away, but I do agree with you that this is a relationship building business. Most of the ATS systems provide training and support. I sincerely feel it would be worth your time to learn how your owner wants to track information. I think in time, you will also realize the benefit of this new technology.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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