Nudge Neil: Getting More Voicemails Returned

Dear Neil: My greatest challenge is in securing job orders. Specifically, how can I go about getting more returned calls from my clients when I leave voicemail?

Here is one sure-fire tip to massively increase your call backs. It is quite simple: take advantage of the fact that you are a recruiter!

Your product is a person (as is, of course, your prospect). ALWAYS (especially with C-level or higher targets) start your call as a recruiting call. Yes, even if you are calling HR and don’t place HR people. You can always market them if they are good. This is great when trying to reach the line. You can easily leave a very cryptic/mysterious message.

For example:

“Hi, Neil. I was referred to you and thought we ought to talk. I don’t want to leave a message about the subject, please call me back at 555-123-4567.”

Of course, if you weren’t actually referred to them, then skip that part. You can still just let them know that you have something to discuss that you’d rather not leave on voicemail. There is nothing wrong with this and who will NOT want to see what this is all about?

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I have been told by some that this is a ruse. It is not! Everything you say is true. You are going to recruit them (or try to, which is something you should always be doing anyway).

When they call back, you will explain who you are and why you wanted to be very professional and cautious with them during the message. Recruit them. Make it about them. Then, after the initial conversation, turn it into a marketing call or call back later. The gate will be open! I am surprised how few people do this all of the time!

Try it, you’ll like it!

Neil Lebovits, CPA, CPC, CTS, before taking the industry by storm as a trainer, was a global president for Adecco, where he sat on the global executive team. Previously, Neil was the president and COO of Ajilon Professional staffing for North America, where he oversaw over 100 offices. Neil has done it all in the industry: Permanent & Temporary Placement, Sales, Branch Management, Regional Management, COO, & President. He founded his industry training & development company, http://www.TheDynamicSale.Com, in 2009. Neil shares the secrets and systems that he has developed and harnessed while working himself up over his 20+ years in the industry. A renowned leader, motivator, trainer, and speaker, he has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNN, ABC news, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Smart Money. Learn more about Neil and sign up for his free online training course at www.TheDynamicSale.Com.