Two of the Biggest ‘Tinder’-Style Job Apps Are Making News

An app that was called one of 10 that “will change the way you recruit forever” is being bought by Monster.

Monster will integrate Jobr and work right away on a “single sign on.” It’s also going to have the Jobr team work on expanding Monster’s mobile offerings.

Jobr has been called the “Tinder for Jobs,” though that phrase is almost as ubiquitous as the monicker “eHarmony for jobs.” (“The swipe is being put to good use in the context of the job market,” NPR says.)

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Among the other new apps compared to Tinder, Switch is probably the best known. It’s announcing a fresh $4 million of funding, led by the big Australian job-site company SEEK. Switch is also rolling out a pay-per-applicant business model, and is testing a pay-per-hire model. More here on its blog.