Military Offense

The military defenders of freedom and importantly, people who’ve had good training in some hot fields. Certainly not all of them intend to pursue a military career, so why not learn how to get in touch with those people now? That way, when their tour of duty is over, you’ll have them all lined up. Finding Navy Personnel Email Addresses – Military City Community –

Look for people by name, or simply post what you’re looking for. Fort Bragg Phone Directory – GovBot – the government search engine at:

Use Boolean phrases to find the people you want in all the government, not just the military. The National Military Family Association –

There are no links here to specific email addresses or contacts. However, there are links to organizations that assist military families and, where there’s a family, there’s often a spouse who’s looking for a job… Military Installation Locator –


Find the site near you and tap into the talent. The Military Registry –

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A simple search by specialty is all you need. You get names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. The Unofficial Air Force Locator –

Helps find email addresses. The Internet Locator –

Contains 21 million entries in a searchable Database; requires download of free software. Military Woman –

Complete with bulletin boards and forums. The Few –

With more than 31,000 listed Marines.

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