Would You Hire People With No Résumés, Interviews, or Background Checks?

“When people say they want to work, we say yes. We give them an opportunity with no questions asked, no résumés, no interviews, no background checks. We replace scrutiny with trust.”

That’s the philosophy of Greyston Bakery. The company is best-known for its practice of open hiring, an approach that embraces an individual’s potential by providing employment opportunities regardless of background or work history.

I caught up with Greyston’s president and CEO, Mike Brady, at ERE’s recent conference in Washington, D.C. What Mike is suggesting — hiring everyone, essentially — is fascinating and definitely worth a listen. Check out conversation below.

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Lorne Epstein is the author of You’re Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job and has led Global Talent Acquisition teams in the United States and globally. He can be reached at Lorne@ElectricCow.com.