Manager or Babysitter?

Dear Barbara:

I was promoted to manager and now feel like I made a big mistake. My production has dramatically decreased, I feel like a babysitter and I’m closing most of their deals for them. I can’t afford to take a big hit on my income, so do I tell my owner I’m resigning as the manager? This is not at all what I thought I was signing up for, which was an increase, not a decrease in my income level.

Amanda P., St. Louis, MO

Dear Amanda:

Ask BarbIf you could individually produce the sales needed to generate the profits and goals set by your owner, your job would not exist. You are now judged by the performance of the team you supervise.

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  • Teach them what you know.
  • Listen to their calls and provide input.
  • Monitor their numbers and share their individual ratios.
  • Inform them of the daily results they need to achieve or surpass goals set.
  • Role play as often as possible (non-prime time).
  • Take time to know the people you manage.
  • Create a motivating environment where they can excel.

You closing their deals or making their calls is not nearly as effective as you having them make the call while you coach them. You should manage your team in early morning, over the lunch hour, and at the end of the day – unless there is a close coming down. In order to maintain your personal production you need to close your open door policy during prime time hours.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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