Making a Clear Case

When you’re looking for professionals with ClearCase experience, there are several search methods that can yield results. Because most people with this experience put the term ClearCase on their resumes, you may want to start by using a search engine to find candidates. Going to Google

Google allows for easy, fast searches. One way to begin your search is by entering “clearcase resume” in the general search box. Doing so recently returned over 3000 pages, a large percentage of which were personal resumes.

Because homepages are often resumes, you may want to try entering clearcase homepage in the box as well. Using these keywords recently returned over 600 pages. Even though there weren’t as many personal pages as with the first search, there were many worth exploring. A Rational Search

So what is ClearCase anyway? ClearCase is a commercial software configuration management (SCM) product manufactured by Rational Software Corporation. And, interestingly enough, the company site itself may offer leads as far as candidates.

Selecting “Partners” at the site’s homepage, followed by “Partners in the News,” leads to a list of press releases about companies using Rational products. These are companies where, you guessed it, you may find candidates with ClearCase experience.

Another section to explore at the site is “Events.” The “Events” menu, found at the top of the page, reveals that there are many different types of Rational events where you might find ClearCase candidates. Choosing “User Group Meetings,” for example, returns a page on which, after selecting “Search for all upcoming User Groups,” a list of meetings appears. There are several ClearCase User Groups, located throughout the country. Unfortunately the Rational Web site only lists meeting agendas, not users’ names. What Lies Beneath

You may want to try X-Raying the Rational site by using AltaVista’s Advanced Search. Keep in mind, however, that X-Ray won’t always uncover all Web site information. For example, it cannot find content in restricted areas.

In this case, entering the following search string… AND clearcase AND (event OR seminar OR “trade show” OR “user group”)

…returned twenty pages. But because many meetings have already taken place, there may be details posted elsewhere on the Web. The Search Is On

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Why not start by entering “clearcase user group” at Google? Sure enough, the first item returned was BMRCCUG – Boston Metro Rational ClearCase Users Group, one of the groups listed at the Rational site. Here there are the names of several presenters from past meetings. There is also a “Configuration Management Job Listings” where you can post a job opening at no charge.

Another item returned was “Configuration Management Today – Week of 8/16/99.” The description included “ClearCase User Group,” so selecting it seemed promising. From the URL, it was apparent that it was a page from a publication called CM Today. And, choosing “About” led to CM Today’s “About” page. See More at CM

CM Today is a site for configuration management professionals. It includes news, links to other sites, an email list and a job board. The job board is another place to advertise for ClearCase professionals. Among recent postings was a “Configuration Management Specialist – ClearCase.”

To post a position, select “CM Jobs” and “CM Job Board.” Then, under “Employer (Post Jobs) select “Register.” This will allow you to set up an account. There is a charge for posting to the site.

The CM Today Mailing List is another resource for candidates. Archives of past lists are available at the site. Simply select “Mailing List” from the menu and scroll down the page. Messages are archived by month and year and contain a good deal of discussion material. In exploring messages from November 2000, for example, many contained the term ClearCase. Email contact information was provided for list participants. Emily Post-ER Reminder

Remember to use courtesy when contacting candidates you find at mailing lists. If you’d like to correspond with a list member about a job opportunity, don’t post a message to the list itself. This is an unwritten (and sometimes written) rule of the membership community. Instead, write a carefully and politely crafted email to the individual. Not every person you contact will be interested in speaking with you, but if you use a tempered approach you’ll be more likely to make a favorable impression. Case In Point

Although finding ClearCase professionals may not be as clear-cut as finding other candidates, when you use the right resources the process doesn’t have to be ir-Rational. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

Paula Santonocito is an e-recruitment strategist and columnist for AIRS, the global leader in Internet recruitment training, tools, news and information. AIRS AIRS AIRS