Living the Dream: Fordyce TV to Air Live from Austin

Jordan Rayboy is taking on Fordyce TV this Tuesday, April 7, and you have to see it to believe it. The guy known as the RV Recruiter — and a speaker at the upcoming Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas –will be Skyping live from the hill country outside of Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world.

If you’ve ever felt chained to a desk, consider what Jordan’s been up to recently. Last week he was in Denver (with the whole armada…RV, trailer, and everything inside) to attend the Pinnacle Society’s semi-annual meeting. He leaves Denver April 5 to spend the next two weeks in Texas. After that, he’ll be in Las Vegas for a week. If your head is spinning, you’re not sure if you could do the same and still be a Big Biller, but you totally want to try to keep up with his adventures, then tune in at 2pm ET for the launch of “Living the Dream with Jordan Rayboy” on Fordyce TV (just log on to just before the show starts and click the TV icon to watch).

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Find his profile now on and leave him a comment, or wait til his show and chat live with him after his inspiring presentation.


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