Letter to the Editor: Tim Tolan’s article in the October Fordyce Letter

This note is a letter to the Fordyce Letter editor from Howard Taulé, Chief Financial Officer of GameRecruiter, in response to the cover story written by Tim Tolan in the October 2010 Fordyce Letter, titled Take Control Of Your Practice – Drive Your Own Bus

Hello ERE Media…Amybeth and David,

I would like to Thank You for the Fordyce Letter.  I find it one of the most valuable tools for my business’s growth and success.  After reading this 10/10 issue I was advised and motivated yet again with the amazing article by Tim Tolan….I wrote to Tim (see below).  I got to speak with Tim today and he provided me with valuable information that I know will make a difference to the bottom line numbers in the near future.

In the past I have contacted Barb Bruno, Jeffrey Allen and used Doug Beabout as a corporate trainer for my company …ALL have been more than generous with their time, resources and advice.  You can add Tim to your list of consummate professionals.

Thank you again for doing what you do…to help all of us do what we do better 🙂

Howard Taulé
Chief Financial Officer

From: Howard Taule
To: Tim Tolan
Subject: Take Control of Your Practice

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful article in the 10/10 Fordyce letter.  After reading the article I shared it with my client managers and I already see a difference in attitudes, commitment to results and their production….SO THANK YOU!

My client managers have been asking me to draft an email for them to send to their clients to garner letters of recommendation (LOR) for both recent hires and for past placement successes.  I was wondering if you had any standard templates that you could share with my team so that we get the most powerful LOR’s we can from each of our clients.  Also if you feel it is best to ask for these LOR’s via phone instead I would appreciate that advice.

Also on a personal note…your comments on Attitude and Passion could not have come at a better time for me, and as the driver of my team and our business it is so important to “Keep myself in check”.  These are crazy times and one thing I can do is control how I react to them and stay POSITIVE.

Thank you for your commitment to our industry!

Best regards,

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