A Hands-on Vendor Roundup

A new testing company, a new way to keep candidates up to date with their applications, and more, today in our short look at some new recruiting services.

More on Better Weekdays

A little update on Better Weekdays, the MBA hiring site mentioned earlier. Chris Motley says that right now the site is, while not limiting itself, focusing its energies on graduates of the Chicago schools Booth and Kellogg.

Tech Competition

Similar to our Recruiting Innovation Summit startup competition, the Europeans have launched one of their own. Across the pond, the Pan European HR Network (a sort of mini-SHRM) hosts an annual tech conference. Last year, four companies wound up being showcased. This year, the Innovative HR Technology Competition & Award isl giving 10,000 euros worth of sponsorship to the winner.

Hands On Test

A new site, in the CodeEval genre, offers what it calls “a more accurate and precise way to identify the right IT talent for your organization.” Potential hires can do sample projects using Hands on Test, simulating actual work perhaps a little better than asking them the typical interview questions (What’s your biggest weaknessMy perfectionism!).

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Here’s a short look at how Hands On works. You may find yourself distracted by the cool effect when you roll over the navigational bar at the top of the page.

Application Connect

StartWire has a new widget you can use on your Facebook pages or career sites, to keep candidates informed about what’s going on with their applications.

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