Lessons from Dr. Phil

From time to time, I have been featured on The Dr. Phil Show.

Four years ago, I first appeared on his show to help one of his “guests” find a job. Since then, I’ve written two books on how to find a job, The Job Search Solution and Acing the Interview, as well as developed America’s only 45-hour online job search program.

In 2009, I flew to California for two days to prepare for another appearance. The majority of us know very little about television production, but the lessons of business that can be gleaned from watching this organization “produce” their product are astounding.

When the show looks for expert advice, they do extensive research on the people and the organizations that they use. Babich and Associates is honored to be one of the resources that The Dr. Phil Show uses and recommends. Their organization is very careful about only choosing the best, and we are humbled.

From the bottom to the top of the Dr. Phil organization, quality and precision are emphasized. Even the fellow who drove the car that picked me up at the airport recognized the quality of the organization for which he works. He claimed that so much of Hollywood had fallen on hard times, that The Dr. Phil Show was a tremendous bright spot, being one of the few successful Hollywood-produced shows.

Three-hundred people work for this show. There are 10 producers, each one having 10 to 12 people working for them; the rest are technicians and support people. Each producer is responsible for one show. At least 10 to 15 hours go into the preparation of every show. The organization tapes three shows a day, four days a week, nine months of the year. The physical taping of each show takes 50 minutes.

It is hard to imagine an organization that runs as smoothly. Everyone, literally everyone, knows exactly what they need to be doing and how they need to do it. It is a precision machine. They have developed a system and process that continues to produce a popular product.

Most of the people who work for The Dr. Phil Show have been with it since its inception. Quite a few, interestingly, have left and come back, which doesn’t seem to be all that uncommon in Hollywood. However, their stated reason for returning is there are very few television shows that run with the same precision and congruity as The Dr. Phil Show.

It is rare to find any organization where so many people work so hard with so much intensity.

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Phil McGraw knows every one of them. He is personally involved with the decisions and execution of every show. It is clear that his standards are high and although he has great compassion, if you don’t do your job, and do it well, you’ll be looking for another one. Staying “on top” in the television business is very precarious.

These people make it look easy. They are supposed to. They deserve every bit of success they enjoy.

Many of us don’t get a chance to watch The Dr. Phil Show. I have to admit that the only three or four that I have seen, I have been on the show. Some people claim that some of the subjects he addresses are pretty far out in left field. I’m also sure that some people just don’t like him or his show at all. (I know this because one of the people who “reviewed” one of my books spent more time slamming me because I know Dr. Phil than they did reviewing the book. In fact, the guy hadn’t even read it.)

From a personal point of view, I’ve spent no more than two or three hours of personal one-on-one time with Phil McGraw. I am not familiar with all of the subjects his shows address. But whether you like him or not, this guy runs one hell of a business. He truly cares about people.

He sought our advice in helping people with the emotional distress and pain of having to look for a job. Backstage, he expressed a sincere concern for all of the people looking for a job in this country. He is truly a nice guy. The people who work there reflect his values. His foundation is growing and helping thousands of people.

I had a great lesson in business. Thank you, Dr. Phil!

Since 1973, Tony Beshara has placed more than 7,000 people on a one-on-one basis, in more than 100 different job categories. His candidates have accepted positions earning minimum wage and salaries up to more than a million dollars a year. Tony has directly worked with more than 24,000 hiring authorities, at 21,000 different hiring organizations. The system he has developed has helped more than 100,000 people find jobs. Tony's first book, The Job Search Solution, was one of the top ten best sellers in 2005 in its category and its success led to the creation of TheJobSearchSolution.com, a web-based training program believed to be the first of its kind for people going through the job search process. His second book, Acing the Interview, was released in January 2008 and has received very positive reviews from critics. He is president of Babich and Associates.