Juggling Demanding Clients in THIS Economy

How the heck do you manage client tactics and demands in a challenging economy?

According to Jeff Kaye, it is about your ability to differentiate yourself from competitors. Why is this important?

“If you fail to differentiate in your approach, you will be forced to differentiate by price,” says Jeff, who returns to Fordyce TV this Tuesday, February 17 at 2pm.

In his long-awaited third episode of Next Level Live, Jeff returns with special guest Rob Mosley to discuss the following:

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  • How do we position ourselves in a way that differentiates us from our competitors?
  • How do we build real value in a market that tends to see us as vendors or a commodity?
  • How do we properly manage client tactics and demands to elevate the level of our relationship with clients?

About Special Guest Rob Mosley

Rob, the senior director of training and development for Next Level Exchange, previously served as the Chief Learning Officer at MRINetwork Corporate in Philadelphia. There, he was responsible for all training and sales development of 1,100 offices worldwide. Previously, Rob was with the Acclivus Corp., an international performance development company, where he facilitated training on five continents. Rob’s knowledge of the search industry comes from 10 years in the physician search industry.

By the way, Rob will be speaking at the Fordyce Forum in June. This upcoming episode of Fordyce TV — which starts promptly at 2pm ET — will give you a taste of his phenomenal training style.

***Updated: Here is the video presentation from Jeff’s show with Rob:

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