John Nilon, Recruiting Expert: The Real Value

In the scope of our trips throughout North America, we at Recruiter Life are privy to some of the most forward-thinking executive recruiters. These are not the obligatory “Knights of the Round Table” type that continuously write the same bland material in their perdurable fashion while they stroke each others’ egos and share their links for search engines to pick up. No, these are key players who are making lasting differences for their clients and impacting people’s lives in positive ways.

John Nilon, the founder of JN Solutions, Inc., is a super star in our eyes and is clearly at the forefront of the pharmaceutical arena. We were honored to spend a day with him and Janet Shapiro, one of his executive directors, while tapping into their mind’s eye.

They shared with us their views on the stigma that has spawned recruiters from the very day some word-craftsman penned the name: Headhunter. They also talk about the benefits candidates can gain by interacting with recruiters and keeping their presence at the forefront for future opportunities that might surface their way.

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By adding value to their lives, you’re turning a negative connotation (headhunter) into a positive (consultant).