ISP Means “Incredible Sourcing Potential”

You know the term. ISP. To most people it stands for Internet Service Provider. But with a bit of finesse it can mean so much more. Start at The List to access 7500 ISPs by area code or country. The first search by country brings up a list of those ISPs offering access throughout the US. One such ISP is Earthlink. If you click on the link provided by the List, you go to Earthlink’s sign up page. Don’t bother. Just go to Earthlink’s main Home Page. Right on their front page you see a link to their Member Directory. And, how delightful it is. You can search through more than 100,000 homepages of Earthlink users and do it by keyword. Okay, nice start. But let’s say you need a bit more local information. Using The List, search for ISPs in the 612 area code — the Minneapolis area. You’ll get a long listing of all ISPs offering service there including Earthlink and AccessEarth which offer access across the nation. So ignore the national ISPs and click on a few local ones and see what happens. For instance, a click on Citilink Internet will bring you to all the exchanges they deal with. It also gives a link to their page, though. Click on it and you’ll see a link to Members, not a bad way to find local talent. Not all ISPs are as accommodating, but many are. And if you’re not looking at their clientele for your next candidate, you can bet someone else is. Also try The Directory, which lists more than 10,000 ISPs.

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